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Steps To Grow Therapy

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Our Mission

At Steps to Grow Therapy, we strive to provide the best possible therapy for you and your child. At Steps to Grow, your child will learn and develop through specialized play opportunities so that therapy is fun. Let us help your child GROW and THRIVE. By building a strong relationship with the caregivers and child, development will happen naturally. We can’t wait to help your child grow and develop their skills.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy servicing Volusia & Flagler County

Steps to Grow Therapy is a private, in-home based service to best serve the child and families. Children learn best in familiar and safe environments, that is why we are bringing the service to you!


Is occupational therapy for your child?

Have you ever noticed difficulty with your child doing things his or her friends might be able to do? Buttoning clothes, adequately brushing teeth, writing neatly, difficulty with organization, or difficulty with coordination and motor planning. We want to help!


Occupational therapists target life skills, fine motor skills, visual skills, hand eye coordination, sensory processing, and so much more! Please use the “contact us” button at the bottom for more information.

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