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Volusia + Flagler Counties Premier Pediatric Therapy Provider

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Emily Beckman

Emily's passion for helping others came when a childhood friend was gravely injured. As she witnessed his slow recovery, she was able to observe the therapists that were instrumental in helping him regain his abilities to complete his normal daily activities. She knew one day she wanted to help others in a similar fashion. Emily was born and raised in Volusia County and volunteered for the Special Olympics during her adolescent years. Throughout her education as an occupational therapist she quickly developed the passion for helping children develop and live to their fullest potential. She is currently the lead therapist at Flagler County schools.


Parents + Professionals Recommend

Krista W.

Emily is an amazing OTR to work with! I was lucky enough to work with her in the past and collaborated with her with various clients. She has taught me some tips, tricks and characteristics to look for as an Speech Therapist to implement and refer clients to OT. She always has and had creative activities that meet her clients’ needs and interests. She continues to be a wealth of information for me, despite living in a different state. Any client and their family is lucky to have her as an OT.  

Jen S.

Point blank…my 11 y/o son has multiple disabilities and can be a major challenge to handle…not for Emily…he loved her and she was wonderful with him. Emily taught my son to type in a matter of months. I can’t get him to brush his teeth without a fight but he can type at the age of 11 because of her…and that’s just ONE example. Emily is absolutely and wonderfully awesome!

Claudia D.

We feel very lucky to have Emily as an OT for our teen son. She's very knowledgeable, kind, patient and thinks outside the box. She uses activities that encompass all the different needs of our son. We have an open dialogue and she's great at giving feedback and tips. Our son enjoys working with her and that’s a huge plus

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